Research and Development

With the capabilities of superb formulations, a quality-control laboratory and pioneer expertise, Hi-Beau specializes in OEM services for start-up companies and supplying of raw materials for nutraceutical manufacturers.


Dna, Genetic Material, Helix, Proteins, Biology

Our Research & Development team is the key behind the science in our products and are keen to develop & formulate the latest & up to date formulas to ensure that products are leading in the market & to keep up with the changing trends in the industry to ensure outstanding & highest quality products.


Laboratory, Analysis, Chemistry

We take great pride in providing support through the product supply providing versatile, compliant laboratory services. Our suppliers and manufacturers follow international quality standards like GMP, BRC and ISO. All products undergo extensive testing for purity, stability, quality and quantity of the ingredients.

With the capability of our R&D team and laboratory facilities, we supply raw materials to nutraceutical manufacturers ranging from the following:
- Slimming probiotics (patent pending)
- Detox and weight loss
- Beauty and skin related
- Bone & Joint Health
- Immunity Boost
- Cardiovascular Health
- Eye & Brain Health
- Men’s Health
- Women’s Health

We ensure that the additional active ingredients retain their nutritional value when mixed with other ingredients. Each ingredient’s pH level, solubility, bioavailability and stability must be considered.