Our Brands

With 16 years of awards and success, AVALON® has established itself with premium supplements catering to detox, slimming and beauty needs.

Developed for and loved by our family, US Clinicals® shares quality health care products with you and your loved ones! Our founder draws from his 16-year background in nutritional science, the latest science-based innovations and extensive research and development to develop and formulate products to support the health needs of his family.


Keeping abreast of customer’ needs and market demands, Estalife® stands firm in their mission in naturally enhancing overall well-being in society. Each of our products are specially formulated to provide preventive solutions, relieve discomforts and support public health, all done through combining our belief in science and nature.




Introduced in 2014, VitaRealm® is a functional health supplement brand developed to meet the increasing demand for quality and effective supplements to combat health issues brought on by lifestyle changes and aging. Following the success of VitaRealm® is its skincare extension VitaRealm® Beauty, formulated with the finest natural ingredients will help achieve that ~glow~ from within.  

NaturoHealth is a Singapore brand that provides functional, beauty and kids supplement for all genders. The brand strives to bring safe, natural and effective premium products to the customers regardless of their diet and health goals while supporting their journey towards their best self.