AVALON® Stemcell Beauty Drink
AVALON® Stemcell Beauty Drink


AVALON® Stemcell Beauty Drink



AVALON® Stemcell Beauty Drink is the No.1 Stemcell Beauty Drink in Singapore. It contains the powerful Orchid Stemcell to deeply Repair and Rejuvenate damaged skin. 

Step 1 [Repair]: Orchid Stemcell of the highest purity effectively and rapidly repairs skin cells, allowing the skin to absorb other beneficial nutrients.

Step 2 [Rejuvenation]: Next, Premium Marine Collagen Peptides help to replenish skin cells and lock in moisture, enabling the repaired skin cells to combat all major skin issues.

It is designed to resolve major skin issues - retains skin’s moisture, brightens skin tone, tightens pores, rejuvenates damaged skin cells, improves skin firmness & reduces the appearance of wrinkles & fine lines, lessens pigmentation and improves acne issues - all at one go! 

Besides, its Sparkling Water content not only adds a refreshing twist but helps to boost nutrients absorption and promote skin metabolism!